Monday, March 31, 2014

Is it possible to survive without Faith?

Have we ever wondered what life would we like without faith? This is something I often think. Life, situations and people we come across mostly break us into pieces. In this life itself we break a million times only to be born again- wiser, stronger than before. Learning new lessons in the school of life in our own ways.  But is it really possible without faith?

We search god everywhere because there's a small voice within us that inspite of all the pain and sufferings still have faith on the almighty. I was just listening to the song "What if god was one of us- Joan Osborne" and then thought why is it not possible. May be he is among us listening, watching just like us afterall, who can rule this out? If heaven can exist on eath then why can't god be one of us? If we hope that god truly exists, we will believe that he does and then once the belief is strong enough, it will become our faith.
In the end all of us just need a little bit faith that everything's going to be fine. If the beauty of nature can still exist then why is everything else impossible?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope

Hello dearies, posting after a really long break....
Its been quite sometime since there have been various speculations regarding the end of the world. Speculations or truth only god knows the truth. But we all know that Every beginning has an end while every end embarks a new beginning. This thought stroke my mind quite a few months ago. At first i was completely ignoring it but after a while I realized it was best to accept it. If I ignore, I’ll just go on with my life and my profession but if I accept it, I’ll try to spend more time with my family and enjoy the little joys that nature brings to us everyday.
So I got up yesterday when dawn was breaking and I saw the most amazing sun rise. Cool breeze was blowing softly and the air was so freshening. There were fresh dew drops on the grass. At that very moment it came to me, that no matter how long we live we must admire and appreciate every little thing. We don’t know till when we will survive but till then make the most of it.     

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Light burst

Light burst

Heaven in clouds

While walking along the sides, I saw the clouds, The clouds make me feel so overwhelmed that whenever I come across them it starts controlling me. Its swirl and seeing them floating across is a rejuvenating experience. An experience that quenches our thirst, an experience which somehow gives us nearly in heaven experience. An experience that we look forward to after getting tired, after every pain felt, after every heart broken to reach out for a source of light that will give us the power to overcome and feel contended.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Lost in the Woods

Natural curve

Soul searching is the best way we can discover ourselves while photographhy is the best way to discover nature.
After a hard day’s work the first thing that comes to our mind is a peaceful and relaxing environment. It was the same feeling I had while clicking these pictures- Calmness and serenetiy.
Though nights are said to be the most relaxing time of a day, I believe early morning is the best time. The drizzle drops and the fresh air is like a new chapter in our lives, bringing with it once more the joy , hope and the zeal to live life fully.

Friday, October 1, 2010

A walk together

A Walk Together

All of us boasts of fearing nothing but within each of us hides one. It can be anything - fear of height, water, fire, death etc. But along with all of these there exists the feeling of loneliness or the fear of being left alone in a world where you dont have anyone you can trust. This fear is the worst of all because it makes you long for someone but in the same time you can't trust. I have seen people living like that but is living a life like this worth it. The fear of getting hurt not only makes our life static but it also brings lots of stillness and boredom. My question is why do we fear?
Everyday we fear we are losing a very important day of our life. Why don't we take chances and live life! The fear of things increases the fear within so face it. Once and for all put an end to it. Life will not only seem beautiful but every moment lived will be worth while!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Twinkling Droplets

Twinkling Droplets

Liquid stars

Rain fascinates everyone irrespective of their age, its a timeless beauty. The last time it rained I saw smiling faces- faces with hope and faith. We all know that god never created, divided or was partial to anyone in person, race or creed. Take this rainfall for example it doesn't fall on anyone in particular, when it falls it falls on everyone.
Similar we can say about everything fruits, food, snowfall or lightening etc. It is us who create this division and diversion. Leading us nowhere but to lonely darkness..............

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek

It was just yesterday when I was passing by and suddenly the sky turned grey. It was then that my eyes caught the glimpse of this scene. It never looked so breathtaking to me until that very moment.  It was just so astounding, that words seem to be less for expression. Life's like this somewhat
We all live for some reason, some motive but while living life we tend to forget everything and live life as if it’s a curse. Why can’t we all open ourselves and live like we want to? Why do we all keep thinking about the society or what others will think?  Life’s  like seasons,  happiness and sadness are just two sides of the same coin.
So live life and keep smiling always!