Monday, March 31, 2014

Is it possible to survive without Faith?

Have we ever wondered what life would we like without faith? This is something I often think. Life, situations and people we come across mostly break us into pieces. In this life itself we break a million times only to be born again- wiser, stronger than before. Learning new lessons in the school of life in our own ways.  But is it really possible without faith?

We search god everywhere because there's a small voice within us that inspite of all the pain and sufferings still have faith on the almighty. I was just listening to the song "What if god was one of us- Joan Osborne" and then thought why is it not possible. May be he is among us listening, watching just like us afterall, who can rule this out? If heaven can exist on eath then why can't god be one of us? If we hope that god truly exists, we will believe that he does and then once the belief is strong enough, it will become our faith.
In the end all of us just need a little bit faith that everything's going to be fine. If the beauty of nature can still exist then why is everything else impossible?

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