Friday, October 1, 2010

A walk together

A Walk Together

All of us boasts of fearing nothing but within each of us hides one. It can be anything - fear of height, water, fire, death etc. But along with all of these there exists the feeling of loneliness or the fear of being left alone in a world where you dont have anyone you can trust. This fear is the worst of all because it makes you long for someone but in the same time you can't trust. I have seen people living like that but is living a life like this worth it. The fear of getting hurt not only makes our life static but it also brings lots of stillness and boredom. My question is why do we fear?
Everyday we fear we are losing a very important day of our life. Why don't we take chances and live life! The fear of things increases the fear within so face it. Once and for all put an end to it. Life will not only seem beautiful but every moment lived will be worth while!

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